Dharmata Foundation

Dharmata Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed in 2005 under the direction of Buddhist teacher Anam Thubten. It serves as a container for spiritual community following the pathless path through the essential teachings of Buddha and the lineage of great Buddhist masters – uniting individuals who have a genuine desire to discover inner freedom and peace through realizing the true nature of all things. The foundation fosters meditation groups in multiple locations internationally and nurtures an extensive offering of daylong, weekend and residential retreats, as well as regular meditation practices. It maintains an attitude of blossoming as a practice community without attachment to any ultimate outcome. In addition, it holds the willingness to change its structure in ways that are beneficial to the inner evolution of practitioners in the ground of the Dharma as the path of love and wisdom.

The Dharmata Foundation headquarters are located in Point Richmond, California and their website is www.dharmata.org.